Durban DSTV Repairs

DSTV Repair Services in Durban

DSTV Durban repairsDurban DSTV offers you professional DSTV Repair Services in Durban, and the surrounding areas. We don’t just install the DSTV dish and decoder for you, we are also at your service, should things go wrong and you are unable to watch your favourite TV shows.

The DSTV Repair Services that we do include:

  • Signal Losses
  • Dish removals re-installation
  • DSTV Dish Repairs
  • DSTV decoder repairs
  • TV Repairs and Aerial repairs

There is nothing worse than when you are looking forward to watching your favourite program, only to find that you can’t because something is wrong with your DSTV.

But worry not, if you have any issues, just contact us and we will help you diagnose the problem for you. Whether it is signal problems, or DSTV decoder problems, contact your trusted DSTV repairs in Durban, and we will be at your service asap.

DSTV Dish Repairs

When you are having DSTV dish issues, you may try and troubleshoot the issues yourself, or get assistance from DSTV. Most often than not, the DSTV dish is hardly the problem when you are having issues, but in the few instances that it may be the root of the issues that you are having, there is still good news. You might not need to buy a new dish.

One of the common problems with the dish is alignment issues. If you aren’t sure how to troubleshoot this problem, call us, and we will come out to your property and help you. The last thing you want to do is to buy a new dish, when you could have continued using the one you have.

If your dish is damaged, to the extent of needing a new dish, our skilled technicians will confirm this for you, after they do troubleshoot of their own to get the problem sorted.

Once confirmed, we will get you a new dish and set it up for you.

DSTV Decoder Repairs

Sometimes DSTV decoders can cause problems, and if you have issues with yours, simply contact us. We will make sure that one of our expert DSTV technicians comes through to where you are and check what is going on with your DSTV Decoder.

The technicians will communicate the issues to you and a possible solution to get it sorted out. If the issue cannot be fixed at your property, the technicians will inform you of this, and let you know that your decoder needs to be taken for fixing at our location, and how long the entire process will take.

We are your trusted Durban DSTV Repairs services provider, and we will work swiftly to make sure that you get your DSTV gets back to working properly, so you can enjoy your viewing experience quickly.